TRINIDAD: Despite Dr. Kublalsingh's Hunger Strike Kamla Says That Nothing Must Stop The Highway.

I was all for a woman running the country of Trinidad and Tobago know, I'm a guy and I like women. However in the light of the recent issue of the highway and Dr. Kublalsingh's hunger strike I'm having second thoughts.

I would think that the responsible thing to do as a Prime Minister is to consider the amount of people that would be affected by the building of the highway. But the PM seems to be deaf to the pleas for the highway re route movement. She insists on continuing at the expense of people's livelihood, and Dr. Kublalsingh made it quite clear the implications.

There is a meeting to be held between the government and civil society groups headed by the Joint Consultative Council (JCC) to discuss the controversial highway to Point Fortin. This meeting may have sparked some hope into Dr. Kublalsingh and his followers but Kamla clearly said at the United National Congress' meeting at Rienzi Complex, Couva on Friday that nothing will stop the highway and that the project "must" continue.

So Kamla is definitely unmoved by Dr. Kublalsingh's hunger strike and would rather see him die than to re route the highway. That doesn't sound very democratic if you ask me.