TRINIDAD: Chris Brown To End His Carpe Diem Tour In Trinidad On December 27th 2012.

One of the biggest R&B and pop sensations in the world, Chris Brown, is taking a trip to the beautiful island of Trinidad two days after Christmas to finish his Carpe Diem tour. The singer released the details on his official Facebook page about all his tour dates and from a list of destinations like Germany, Ireland and Cape Town, Trinidad is his final destination.

I haven't heard any news about where the tickets will be sold but i'm sure the information will be released soon, so keep your eyes and your ears open. I'm quite certain that it will be a show that you wouldn't want to miss. It will be held at the Hasley Crawford stadium in Port of Spain.


  1. When it is announced where the tickets are being sold please post it up here and thank you

  2. Omg please say when tickets are going on sale


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