TRINIDAD: Anonymous Hitman Kills Two People In San Fernando Before Escaping.

Like something straight out of a video game or movie, hitmen can actually be found in a small twin island republic such as Trinidad and Tobago. According to reports, on Tuesday around 3 p.m a hitman and his accomplice made their way towards Troy “Yankee” Hernandez, 26, of Carlton Lane in San Fernando and open fired on him. The hitman then turned his gun to his accomplice Motoo, 22, of Ramsaran Street, San Fernando and shot him in the neck. Both men were pronounced dead.

According to police, at about 3 pm Hernandez and a group of friends were liming outside Block B in Carlton lane, when a brown Kia panel van pulled up and stopped at the side of the road. Reports are that Motoo and another man alighted from the van and approached Hernandez who was at the time sitting on the ground and talking to his friends. The hitman then pulled out his firearm and started shooting Hernandez at point blank range.

As shot after shot were fired, Motoo who was standing nearby was struck in the neck and collapsed. The hitman then ran off to the van and sped off.

Police are still investigating the incident and the reasons for someone wanting Hernandez dead is still unknown.