TECH: Hirobo One Man Electric Helicopter Has Been Invented.

The Japanese have done it again with their epic inventions. According to recent reports a totally new creation by the Japanese is about to go mainstream very soon. The Hirobo one man electric Helicopter. This helicopter can travel at the speed of 100km/h. Because of electric engine this one-seater chopper doesn’t produce any noise or pollution. It can take flight for only 30 minutes which means the technology still needs improvements so that one day we’ll be to use it as personal flying-rides. Besides that it still can be used to supply medicines and food in disastrous situations.

The machine will definitely be welcomed in society and we will be so ecstatic if the one man electric helicopter becomes a luxury device. I would love to use that to bypass traffic. When i'm done i'll be feeling like the black GoGo Gadget....

Check out the video below. It's in Japanese but maybe you'd be able to get something from it