SAD: Three Year Old Boy From Oklahoma Shoots Himself In The Head.

Obama should really do something about the amount of guns within the US, because a lot of innocent people recently have been dying due to gun violence. From the shooting at the Dark Knight premiere to the bloodshed in Connecticut, gun violence is on a rampage.

Even the presence of guns have become a become a problem because as reported earlier a three year old boy from Oklahoma was the victim of an accidental shooting. He allegedly shot himself after snooping around his family's house. He found a gun and accidently pulled the trigger on himself.

Just after Noon, Saturday, deputies were called to a home in the 1500 block of Derby Lane. "Upon arrival, deputies located a three-year-old male subject inside the home," says Capt. Richard Stephens, Logan County Sheriff's Dept.

Investigators say the little boy was visiting family.

"He located a gun inside one of the bedrooms and perished from a gunshot wound to the head," says Capt. Stephens. The Logan County Sheriff's Office has ruled the incident an accidental death and at this point, do not expect to file any criminal charges.

"There was at least one, if not more adults in the home at the time, as well as a couple of other children. It was a normal Saturday morning for them," says Capt. Stephens, who urges other families to use caution. "Tools of any sort can cause injuries, whether it's a hammer that someone left on a shelf, a saw blade, a drill bit, or in this case a handgun," says Capt. Stephens.