GUEST POST: Simple Tips on How Twitter Can Improve your Blog

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Every blog owner wants to improve his blog’s readership. It is important for a blog owner to be in the good books of his blog’s visitors. Twitter is regarded as one of the best micro blogging websites. If you don’t have a Twitter account then you better get yourself one now. Twitter can be used to improve a blog’s readership. A few ways to achieve the same are discussed below.

  • You can drive Traffic from Twitter to your Blog
Once you have an account with Twitter, the website allows you to follow people and you can have followers too. Through tweets, that are no more than 140 characters, you can update your followers on the latest happenings in your life. This concept works well for bloggers. As a blogger with a Twitter account, you can update your followers about your latest blog post. Your followers can repost what you tweeted. This way the news about your blog will spread throughout the community. This will increase awareness of your blog. Your posts on Twitter will divert traffic to your blog.

  • Use Twitter to Build a Brand

Twitter can be used to create a brand identity for you and your blog. Blogs are written on a particular niche. The bio section of your profile on Twitter lets you write about yourself or the brand you wish to promote. However, you can write up to 160 characters only.

Your profile picture can be your own picture or you can have the image of the brand you wish to promote. The profile section lets you add a website link too. You can add your blog’s link to the profile. This gives you an added advantage as a blogger trying to spread awareness of your blog. You are also providing the link to your blog through Twitter. This will go a long way in improving your blog. Twitter can be used as the perfect platform to build a brand name for you as an individual blogger and your blog.

  • Make Friends through Twitter and find your Target Audience

People use Twitter to socialize. You can find your friends on Twitter and keep in touch with them. Make your friends aware of your blog. Twitter allows users to follow people who share similar interests as you. In doing so, you are finding your blog’s target audience. You don’t need to know your followers and the people you follow on Twitter. They can become your target audience.

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  • Customize the Background Image on your Twitter page

Twitter allows its users to customize the background image of their account. You can add an image of your choice to your Twitter account. The image can be your picture or it can be the image of the brand or product you wish to promote. Make the best use of this feature on Twitter to improve your blog.

  • Have conversations and Pay Attention to what your Followers say

You can use Twitter to spread awareness of your blog. On Twitter, you can start discussions about your blog. You can also read other people’s comments on your blog. This feedback will provide you valuable inputs on how to improve your blog. Through their comments, people voice their opinion about your blog. This will give you more scope for improvement.

These are just a few ways in which Twitter helps improve your blog. Log on to Twitter, and you can find other creative ways as well on you own.

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