ENTERTAINMENT: Trinidad James Dominates New York!!!

What the hell just happened? A few days ago Trinidad James was simply unheard of, but now he's selling out arenas in New York City, headlining shows all over the place and performing with the likes of Rick Ross and Trey Songz... BURRR?? This guy struck some serious gold and he doesn't seem to be leaving the game any time soon

The Trinidad born rapper from Atlanta made a hit with his tune, "All Gold Everything." The song actually topped hip hop charts worldwide placing 47th in the R&B/Hip Hop songs chart. This week the Trinidadian prodigy totally ripped stages in New York City with singers such as Trey Songz. He also headlined a show and did a few interviews on the radio.

Trinidad James is definitely repping his country of Trinidad hard. He emigrated to Canada when he was around 8, moved back to Trinidad and has lived in Florida and New York before settling in Atlanta.

Check out the videos below, but please note that Adult language is used.