GUEST POST: Best Christmas Toys For Kids 2012

Christmas is around the corner, and kids are looking forward to toys from Santa, if you want to paint festival smiles on your baby’s face, it is better to prepare the best Christmas toys for kids in advance. Here is the collection of the best Christmas toys for children 2012, and you will find good Christmas present for your baby.

The best Christmas Toys for Boys 2012

Spider-Man Action Figure is a great Christmas gift for boys in 2012

The movie “Spiderman” is very popular among boys, so it will be the perfect Christmas toys for boys. The Spiderman action figure is different from ordinary plastic ones, and they hold powers with one button. The most interesting part for Spiderman is their action, they can turn their heads right and left while they wave webs in their fingertips.
Spiderman is not the only one; you can also find other popular toys from other cartoons. The most simple method is ask your boy which one is his favorite cartoon figure, and then you will find this boy from online shops.

          Spiderman Action Figure (suitable to 6-10 years old boys)

Cool Model Car for 4-5 Years old Boys for Christmas Toys

Model cars will be the best Christmas toys for boys as they are 4-5 years old. All boys love model cars, model airplane and toy guns.

Cute Ultraman for 1-3 Years old Boys as Christmas Toys

If your boy is during 1-3 years old, we recommend this cute Ultraman, which is simple but lovely. There are totally 10 different Ultraman for this kit. Little boys are fond of stories, please play games with cute Ultraman and tell your boy their stories, which will be better than just telling stories.

Besides, some educational toys are also hottest Christmas toys for boys 2012, kids during this age group begin to learn something, and parents need to seize this best chance to educate your baby. Popular education toys: building blocks toys, remote control toys, puzzle boxes, and jigsaw puzzles.

The best Christmas Toys for Girls 2012

Girls are totally different from boys. Girls love some cute toys, such as soft toys, teddy bears, Barbie Doll, and Stuffed Animals, etc.

Teddy Bears for Girls as Christmas Toys

No matter what age your girl is, she loves teddy bear for no reason. My niece is 5 years old, and she still loves her teddy toy I bought for her when she was 3 years old. Teddy bear is the best friend of my niece, and she will take it wherever she goes. If you choose a cute teddy bear for your girl as Christmas gift, she will be very happy I promise.

Good Christmas Toys for Girls who loves Barbie Doll

Barbie is always the best toys for little girls. If you want to buy Barbie doll, I’d like to recommend you order Barbie kit not one single Barbie. There are several different Barbie in one kit with different beautiful dresses. You girl will be good friends with these lovely Barbie dolls, which I can promise you.

The best Christmas Toys for Toddlers 2012

For toddlers, you’d better select some educational toys, which are toys as well as education. Recommended toys for toddler are puzzle boxes, building blocks, and jiasaw puzzle. Educational toys will help to improve toddlers’ ability of operation and cultivate their hobbies.

Christmas toys for kids are really important for children and parents. We have done all of works for you, just choose one toys for your baby according to our list, and wish you have a happy Christmas 2012.

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