Weird: Woman Keeps Her Dead Husband For 3 Years..... Cooked For Him And Fed Him.

Just when I thought that the world couldn't get any weirder, it just did. This is really disturbing news, but I just had to share it. According to reports from AFP a woman from Central Russia kept her husband's dead decomposing body for a whole 3 years and told her kids to talk to him and feed him in hopes that he would come back to life.

Her Husband was a Missionary and died August 14th 2009. Now death is normal, everyone dies but not everyone keeps a dead body and feeds it like the Russian woman did. That's not right. She apparently just left her husband's dead body on a bed in their apartment. She ordered their five children to feed him and talk to him with a broth she made.

The five children were well aware of their father's death, but in order to please their mom they told her that he ate the food and that he talked back to them. Note that the woman refused to go into the room with the rotten corpse because she thought that her presence would have prevented him from coming back to life.

The children even used air freshener to attempt to cover the stench of the corpse over the years but eventually had to get rid of the body when the family changed homes. So two of the kids, girls aged nine and 14, put him in bags and left him in the bushes, but his right hand and head broke off, so they dumped them in a garbage bin.

Police eventually found out about the situation and also that the woman was mentally unstable but  posed no  danger to anyone. The kids were all examined and were discovered to be in a healthy state of mind.

"This story is disturbing in so many ways that it crawls my blood. How did they live with that stench for three years, and why didn't anyone smell the corpse? Didn't they have neighbors. Oh my!!!" Quote by Trinikid


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