WEIRD: Mitt Romney Trolls Disneyland and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Mitt Romney has all but disappeared from the public since his loss to Barack Obama in the 2012 US presidential election. However it seems like the governor has finally been found and well, not in an office but among hyper little kids and pigeon shit in Disneyland.... No offense.

The money mogul is spending much more time with his family now, and who can blame him. The guy spent six years trying to become president of the US, and well, he failed. Photographs posted online by fellow visitors to the theme park suggested that the 65-year-old had relaxed the grooming regime that kept his hair perfectly slicked back through his campaign.

His reception was mixed. One onlooker, Alecia Tolosa, took to Twitter to report "people clapping when they see him". However another, Griffin Gerber, asked: "Is it too inappropriate to laugh in his face?"
The trip also recalled a more hopeful time for Mr Romney. In January he criticised Mr Obama for visiting Disney World in Florida, saying: "He's been speaking from Fantasyland for some time now."

Mitt also hopped upon the Twilight band wagon and went to a cinema near him to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final instalment of the Twilight series, "I wonder if he's team Edward or Team Jacob? HMMMMM."