WEIRD: Giant Anaconda From South America Vomits Cow In A River.

The Anaconda for years has been labeled as a snake that can swallow things whole and well, it's actually true believe it or not. However in some instances it's lunch can be too much to swallow. From the very graphic video you will see below, a giant Anaconda from South America swallowed a cow whole but then vomited it out. So from this video it can be noted that an Anaconda can swallow a human. That's some scary stuff.

Green anacondas are the largest snakes in the world, growing up to 30 feet long and weighing more than 550 pounds, the New England Aquarium's website notes. A type of boa constrictor, anacondas feed by using their bodies to squeeze their prey to death, tightening their grip every time the animal exhales.

The world's longest snake in captivity is a reticulated python named Medusa. In August, researchers in the Everglades found a 164-pound Burmese python with 87 eggs inside of it.

Please note: Vomiting may occur while watching this video