TRINIDAD: Teen Suicide At An On All Time High In Trinidad And Tobago.

The high rates of reported teen suicide has led me to do my own personal research on the matter in my country of Trinidad and Tobago. After doing some local browsing I found that the results were astounding and worth sharing. According to reports the level of teen suicides in Trinidad and Tobago has increased drastically over the years. "I didn't even know that teens in Trinidad and Tobago commit suicide. T&T is such a nice place to be."

The  Global School Based Student Health Survey stated that in the last 12 months, 14 percent of students aged 13 to 16 in Trinidad and Tobago made a suicide attempt and 17 percent had seriously considered the option of suicide.

Michael McFarlane, director of Psychological Services at the Florida National Guard, released the figures at a press conference for the Adolescent Suicide Prevention Seminar at the Social Sciences Lounge, University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine a few days ago.

People don’t die by suicide because they are bad people, people die by suicide for a number of factors that come together generally creating an unbearable sense of pain and in that pain suicide can seduce us into thinking that it is a viable option. Such an answer robs people of their future and ultimately robs them of their life,” Quote by Mcfarlane

"It is so crazy that youths these days are turning to suicide to solve their problems. It's no longer a calculator. Suicide shouldn't even be an option for anybody that young. Everyone knows that life is hard, but it's the only one we got." Quote by Trinikid

According to the World Health Organisation by the year 2020, there will be more than 1.5 million successful suicides and between 15 to 30 million unsuccessful attempts occurring annually. It was said that suicide ranked in the top ten causes of death among adults and among the top three causes of death among adolescents.

A lecturer at UWI by the name of Dr Linda Hadeed made some statements regarding teen suicide in Trinidad and Tobago and it goes like this:

Adolescent suicides are very complex and the effects are long lasting. Despite extensive research on this topic, parents, teachers and members of the wider community are still uneducated of the early signs of adolescent suicides and the measures needed for prevention and intervention,

The main purpose is to spread the word that the scourge of suicidal thinking and action among our children is real and getting worse everyday. We are hoping that at the end if we are successful parents, teachers and others would have opened their eyes and ears to begin to see and hear the cries of our children and be ready to put their hands out to save them from drowning,

The rise in teen suicide should not be taken lightly by anyone. The United States, Canada and the UK have highlighted some famous teen suicides such as that of Amanda Todd, Felicia Garcia and Alara Lawson. These lives would not be taken in vain, because it is no longer just an interesting online story which people can make memes about, but a serious world issue.


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