TRINIDAD: Police Officers In T&T May Soon Wear All Blue Uniforms.

I found out something new today, I found out that Trinidad and Tobago has police officers, did you know that? I didn't know. I thought those people dressed in grey and blue with strange hats were just pedestrians looking for attention. I guess I was wrong.

Anyway it seems as though those police officers are going to get a complete makeover. Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams made a statement that he is waiting to receive a proposal from the Police Social and Welfare Association on new uniforms for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. The uniforms will be in the colour of a Bishops Anesty's girl's skirt... Blue. And according to reports Minister Jack Warner is in full support of it, but his trouble with the FBI left him incognito... Poor Jack, he learned the hard way that his alleged money laundry doesn't make his bills clean. Maybe he should have separated the whites from the coloured in his laundry attempt.

Anyway, it was stated that a high proportion of the police officers in T&T are in full agreement with the change in colour because and I quote "they feel the color material used to make police uniforms is not suited for the tropical climate."

So in order to cope with the hot scorching sun, they decided to make the uniform a darker more heat insulating colour .. Makes sense if you ask me. Maybe higher perspiration levels will decrease crime rate. It can actually work because a police officer is much more threatening when sweaty.

Former Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs had purchased new uniforms for the TT Police Service during his tenure as commissioner, but cabinet had rejected the purchase of the uniforms because they felt proper procedure was not followed.

Yesterday secretary of the police association Sgt Michael Seales said, “A uniform committee was commissioned on the first week of October, and this committee came from the general membership of the service when the former commissioner was proposing a uniform change. 

That committee when it was selected got a mandate to look at uniforms and to design a uniform of their choice, and they had rejected the then uniform proposed by former Commissioner Gibbs.

The uniforms will take into consideration the local climate, the type of duties officers have to perform, and the whole question of how it could be a user-friendly product for the officers who may be required to be out on the field.

The new uniforms have already been decided by the committee, and they are now putting together a display for the Ag Commissioner and thereafter the Minister of National Security,” Sgt Seales said yesterday.