TRINIDAD: New Local Music Video Goes Viral In Trinidad And Tobago.

So a Trinbago based artiste by the name of ill Payne recently released a music video for his new song, "Talk of the Town" and it's been getting a lot of play time with a viewership of 12,000+. I saw the music video on my wall the day of its release and I didn't bother to write anything about it or even watch it because to be honest, who the hell is ill Payne? I heard about him before but I never heard any of his music and for some weird reason he appeared on my news feed.

However, I saw the video appear on my news feed a second time, then a third time. So I succumbed to the influence and decided to actually take in the song. The rule of thumb is any Trini based video with more than 10,000 hits is worth watching, and well it was actually kind of good. It wasn't epic, but it was cool. See the full video for Talk of the Town below.