TRINIDAD: Man And Woman Fight Over A Baby In The Streets Of Port of Spain.

I know that sometimes big men and women could act like little children at times, but acting like little children over a child in front of children is just taking childish behavior to another level. According to reports a 12 37 year old woman and her 11 30 year old  man disturbed the "peaceful" streets of Port of Spain Monday morning by fighting over the custody of their one year old son, "who by the way, was the mature one in the scuffle."

According to police reports, at about 8.25 am, the woman, said to be from Beetham Gardens, and the man, said to be the father of her one-year-old son, had an argument at the corner of Queen and Charlotte streets over the custody of the baby boy. The argument suddenly turned into a scuffle as the man tried to force the baby away from the woman’s arms.

Now don't get all gender biased and say that the it's all the man's fault for trying to take the baby. It was actually the woman who started the scuffle. According to reports the couple made an agreement that the baby would have stayed in the man's custody after they separated. So as any good father would do, he dropped off his son at a nursery mostly everyday and picked up the baby later in the day. However, one day the mother decided to play man and went to the nursery and took the baby without consent from the father.

When the father learnt that the child had been taken away from the nursery, he went in search of the woman and found her with the baby at the corner of Queen and Charlotte streets. He tried to take the baby away from the mother who held on tightly, refusing to hand over her son. And well this caused the fight to get all Jerry Springer.

Onlookers of the fight, after taking pics with their cameras and BBM'ing it to all their friends eventually decided to call the authorities.

The two, along with the child, were taken to the Central Police Station on St Vincent Street where they were interviewed. Both parents refused to give statements to the police, and said they had intentions of working out their differences in the interest of their son. They were then counselled by officers, with the father eventually agreeing to allow the mother to take custody of the child.