TRINIDAD: Laventille Murders Heating Up!! 3 Murders In 24 Hours.

Life isn't getting better in Laventille, nor is it getting easier because people are still getting killed out there by the numbers. According to reports, within the space of 24 hours 3 people were killed in the vicinity of Laventille by Criminals on Monday.

"And here I thought that Trinidad and Tobago was getting better after the famous words, 'we will rise' was shove down our throats a few years ago. But the only thing that seems to be rising is the crime rate... No disrespect, but it's true.... 358 murders in 11 months is not acceptable anywhere." Quote by Trinikid.

The latest person to taste the blunt end of the sword was a guy by the name of Butler. Police reported that around 8:30 p.m Butler was liming with his people at thee side of the street when a white Nissan Almera pulled up alongside the limers and one of the occupants began firing shots, he managed to catch Butler multiple times then him and his crew drove off. Butler was carried to the Port of Spain General Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

He had two children, both boys. One being 19-months old and the other being five-months-old... Literally babies. Butler had two wives as a result of his faith and both woman, Marsha Walcott and Nikita Mohammed mourned the death of their loving husband.

"He was always trying to put a smile on your face. He was loving, caring, miserable. He adored his children and worked hard to provide for them. He was a regional supervisor at the Ministry of Labour in Arima,” Quote by Marsha Walcott.

On Monday morning, two men  Anthony Phillips and Wilfred Hinds  were shot dead at Trou Macaque. A third person, Coast Guard chief petty officer Stephen Roberts was also shot, but survived and remains warded at hospital in serious condition. There have been 358 murders committed for the year.