TRINIDAD: Fire In Laventille Leaves 5 Year Old Boy And 80 Year Old Woman Burnt Beyond Recognition.

It's never easy to report on the loss of a life especially when it involves infants. According to reports, a heavy flame engulfed the  Edwards’ home along Assang Road in Laventille on Tuesday Afternoon. The house was burnt to a crisp and so were the people inside.

Both the Police and the Firemen were astounded by the degree of burn suffered by the individuals in the house. The body of a 5 year old boy named Akil and an 80 year old woman named Edwards also known as Mama Joyce were burnt beyond recognition.

According to firemen Akil apparently was attempting to shelter from the smoke in a cupboard but was eventually caught by the fire. Edwards on the other hand was attempting to open the burglar proof but succumbed to the fire before she could have accomplished it.

Akil’s mother Akiba King without thinking tried to run into the house to  to save her son but was held back by a female firefighter.

I want my son! Where Akil? I want to hold him now!” she repeatedly screamed at officers. 

The daughter of Edwards, Paula Huggins arrived soon after and was similarly brought to tears by the thought of her dead mother.

Oh God! my mother gone. She burn up in she old age. Oh God, a little boy too? No this cannot be happening. My mother and a little boy dead and gone? No, no, no.” Huggins wailed. 

According to the neighbor, Miss Mertie, Edwards Babysat children often and that day was no different as Akil's mother dropped him off in the care of Edwards. Many people in the neighborhood trusted Edwards with their children but things went horribly wrong that time around.

People tried to bend the burglar-proofing to get in. The metal was sizzling hot but we all tried to get to Mamma Joyce and little Akil. We tried,” she said as the tears fell. 

They eventually managed to break through a window but by this time no one could enter the house for the smoke and fire was everywhere. And by this time, Mamma Joyce was screaming no more.

Our hearts go out to the families of the lost ones. R.I.P Akil and Edwards.


  1. this is very sad' more so for the families who have to live with this unfortunate incident my prayers goes out to all involve..


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