TRINIDAD: Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh Hospitalized. Doctors Say He Could Die At Any Moment.

I'm going to be very honest.... I really didn't care about this whole Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh hunger strike gig. I found it very irrelevant and wasn't worth any my time. I thought that Dr. Kublalsingh was just looking for some attention and he would have eventually back down from his hunger strike. However, today I actually stopped and took in the story of his hospitalization on the newspaper, and well I was shocked. This guy is actually for real. He's willing to go all the way.

I began to take him a little bit more seriously because of his persistence. Even though the Prime Minister hasn't made any advances to help him he still stood firm in his cause of stopping the construction of the new highway. According to doctors, Dr Kublalsingh can die any time because his kidneys are shutting down & increases in his levels of potassium may cause his heart to stop at any time. He's basically dying right now and the Prime Minister seems to not care. But the question remains, who's doing the right thing the PM or Dr. Kublalsingh? I mean think about it, this guy is killing himself over a highway... A simple highway. Maybe if it was something like the high crime rate or the increase in gas I would have understood, but a highway. It's really not worth it. His actions show that he cares more about a highway than his family and friends. How hard is it to relocate?

This means that Dr. Kublalsingh is very serious about the matter that he's willing to die for it. He can actually die tonight if his body succumbs to the lack of nutrition. I think that this man should eat some food. A little doubles or something could probably save his life. I'm all for activism but this is suicide. Dr Kublalsingh should really stop killing himself and "eat ah food"


  1. wow this is crazy i totally agree with this whole blog but amean the guy obviously cares alot about this and is willing to give his life .. we should really take action and get into it we are the people we have a say and idk we should support at least

  2. People only bawling, why he don't protest against high food prices or crime? The answer to that is that he is protesting to highlight, to him, is the biggest issue. If other people want to go protest against crime, food prices etc, then by all means go ahead.


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