TRINIDAD: Doubles Vendor Shot By Customer In Debe, Trinidad.

Doubles vendors are definitely a group of hardworking individuals and because of that I respect them greatly. However, what pisses me off is when good for nothing bandits attack these hustlers for their own benefit and get away with it..

According to reports, Dhanraj Ragoo, 31 was going about his daily business, selling doubles at his stall along the main road in Debe at about 7:30a.m when he was shot. A bandit pretending to be a customer approached Dhanraj and made an order... Business as usual.

But things started to get ugly when the alleged customer pulled out a gun while Dhanraj was preparing the doubles and demanded him to hand over all his cash and jewelery. Dhanraj refused to give over his valuables so the alleged customer shot Dhanraj catching him in his abdomen and just grazing his wrist. The alleged customer then grabbed Dhanraj's gold chain, wrist band and money then ran off into the sunset.

Dhanraj was taken to the San Fernando General hospital where he was listed in stable condition.