TRINIDAD: Digicel Stars Trinidad And Tobago 2012 Episode 2 Review And Recap.

What a great episode of Digicel Stars!! It had me entertained throughout and i'm not just saying that, I was practically glued to the television set. I even watched that Blackberry Ad that just kept playing over and over..lolz. Anyway, I had a lot of comments about today's episode and I think I should get started.

Oh wait, before I get started I should mention the five contestants from the first episode who made it through. Congratulations to the five contestants listed below.

1. Kela Bedassie
2. Extreme Breakers
3. Iziah
4. Nikesha
5. Shazeenah Ramsumair

I agree that the 5 contestants chosen deserved to be there, but I think one person is missing though, Denton. But great group of five nevertheless. To get my review and recap of the last episode simply click HERE

1. The first contestant to hit the stage was D' Gift.

I must admit that the two of them had a lot of attitude with their dancing. That was something missing in all of the dance performances on the show. I am a stickler for flipping so when I saw that dude flip, I flipped...lolz. Got off my seat and stood for the entire thing. I also loved when the guy's shoe fell off. I figured out that it was scripted after, but during the dance I wasn't sure. I loved their performance, they totally nailed it. I tried to find something bad to say about them, but I couldn't. D' Gift was definitely a surprise.

2. Delissa Wilson-George

Another great performance. It's really hard to be critical when the performances are this good. She had a nice flow and her gospel made me want to break into a worship session. I think she took T&T to church with her performance..lolz. Her voice sounded a bit hoarse at times, but I wasn't too sure if it was hoarse or just the uniqueness in her voice. She is definitely a star.

3. Damian Marley Richardson

This guy definitely had vibez... A lot of vibez, with his scarf and shit thing. I was almost convinced that I heard every single weed man in the country puffing 'de' cush. His performance was on point but to me, his voice wasn't really unique. There was nothing really special about it, to me, and well I wasn't impressed at his voice at all. However he gets a A- for performance, the rolling pin was a bit distracting.

4. Shaffique

The opening skate on the head was epic.... 10 points for that!!! I also would give him another 10 points for the choice of song, because Oppan Gagnam Style is one of my favorite tunes of 2012. However I found his dancing to be kind of lame. His swag was on point but his dancing didn't seem as if it was rehearsed. He just danced to the song and whenever it seemed fit to do something, he did it. I always enjoy dancing that is choreographed, or at least seems to be choreographed. He seemed as though he was just dancing on the streets of Port of Spain and spinning on his back. However I must say, he does have skill in dancing, but he needs to choreograph it more. He dances on stage like a singer sings in the shower, "Take that as you please...lolz."

5. Candace Marcus

I actually enjoyed her performance. I loved her choice of wear, I think it was in sync with the song and her performance. Her voice was also great, and I could have felt the honesty in it. I haven't really found anything negative to say about her performance, she was on point. Definitely a star.

6. Neisha Guy

She had quite the voice. I wasn't surprised because she had an opera swag. Her voice was flawless, a little shaky here and there, but I couldn't complain. She kept me entertained.

7. Daniel King.

Daniel had a lot of vibes and a lot of hype. He knew how to perform like a true soca artiste. However I would have preferred if he had sang the song either better than Machel Montano or at least just as good, but he didn't match up. Therefore he didn't stand out. He was a great act, kept me entertained, but he didn't stand out. He sounded like he was performing at a Karaoke night.

8. Vindra Khillawan.

The swag was strong in this one. His voice was a little soft when he sang the verses and a bit off sometimes as well, but I loved the way he handle the chorus of the song, "We are young." He handled it like a true rock star.

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