TRINIDAD: Digicel Stars 2012 Episode 4 Review And Recap.

Another episode of Digicel stars bites the dust and the Trinidad based competition is heating up. The contestants are getting better, the judges are getting stricter and the texters are topping up their phones, but at the end of it all only one talent will win. Even though I have my doubts about the method because chances are the most talented person may not win but simply the one with the most friends. It's a sad fact.

Anyway, let's get down to business.

1. Kela Bedassie.

Kela is definitely the most talented and gifted singer in the entire competition.... All hands down!! I was a fan of her from the beginning and i'm still a fan of her now. Her performance was spot on and I loved it. Kela Bedassie is a star and there is no one that can doubt that. However I think that age may play a big role in her success in the show, but we'll just have to wait and see.

2. Daniel King

Last week and the week before last week I hated Daniel King's voice. I found it to be too fake and very siimilar to the voice of someone just in a bar singing Karaoke. There wasn't anything special about his voice then, but this week was different. Daniel's voice was much much better than before and I loved it. Coupled with his great performance it was an all round great performance. Daniel King is a star.

3.  Usher Iziah

I was not very impressed with Iziah's performance simply because of the choice of song. The song was way too slow for my liking. I know that Gospel has a lot of slow songs but that one was ridiculous. It was just boring. He should have sang Nobody Greater or something. Iziah has a great voice but he needs better song choices.

4. Xtreme Breakers

One word.... Amazing!!! No, two words.... Ah Mazing!! I loved the performance by Xtreme Breakers. Their dance moves were simply epic. They did a little Gagnam style here and there and the floating in the air trick was unreal. Xtreme Breakers should go big time. If they don't win Digicel Stars, I think they should go New York and dance for all the big fishes up there. Really talented group of dancers.

5. Shazeena Ramsumair

I can't imagine why Shazeena is still in the competition. I guess someone really wants her there, and maybe, just maybe she's been holding back some talent for her big day in the finals. I'm not saying that she'll make it to the finals but the fact that she's still in the running probably means she's there to stay I guess. Her voice just isn't my cup of tea.

6. D'Gift

I loved their dance. I felt to cry midway and I really didn't know why. It was heartfelt and emotional throughout. D' Gift's performance was definitely a blessing.

"Was it just me or did the girl in white look super sexy while she was dancing?"

7. Delissa Wilson-George

All I have to say about Delissa Wilson-George is BRAVO!1 BRAVO!!!

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