TRINIDAD: Digicel Stars Trinidad And Tobago 2012 Episode 3 Review And Recap.

I usually post my review and recap of Digicel Stars the night of the show, but due to unfortunate circumstances current went in Sangre Grande I was unable to. Anyway, enough about me, time to get into the meat of the matter. The first thing of importance that really happened was the unveiling of the 5 contestants from the previous episode who made it into the next round. Below is the list.

1. Shaffique
2. Delissa Wilson George
3. Niesha Guy
4. D' Gift
5. Daniel King

I was quite pleased with the 5 chosen and I think that they did deserve it. However I was a bit skeptical in Daniel King because I didn't really enjoy his performance in the previous episode, but I guess that was just me.

Before I start I think i'm going to make a quick prediction. I think that a Gospel singer will win the contest. I already have in my mind who I think will win, but I think i'll keep that to myself.

Let's begin!!!!

1. Nickesha McDowell

The first performer of the night was Nickesha McDowell. Her voice was alright, not as good as Anita Baker or even on par with her when she sang her song. It was kind of shaky at times and I didn't think that her voice was that of a star, a needle in a haystack or anything special. Nickesha has a lot of work to do if she has to become a star.

2. Shaffique.

The head flip by Shaffique to open his performance was friggin amazing. I totally enjoyed it all the way. I wasn't a big fan of him last week, but he definitely improved. He reminded me of my days when I was a star dancer "I wasn't." Shaffique is definitely a star.

3. Delissa Wilson George.

I loved her choice of song and the way she performed it. However, I think that in order to become a star as a singer your voice needs to stand out or you have to have a rich uncle. Her voice didn't stand out to me, so I don't see her voice at present carrying her mainstream, but maybe she had what it took to win over the Trinbago crowd... Maybe.

4.  Xtreme Breakers

I didn't like it, too many different songs in a short space of time. Their dancing and choreography were good, I applaud them for that, but too many songs in a short space of time. I like the concept of switching songs while dancing, but to me it was just too much in their performance and it was just annoying to me. However, I enjoyed their previous performance on the first episode so I know that they got lots of talent. I guess they just had a bad day.

5. Kela Bedassie.

I loved it!! I loved it!! I loved it!! I thought that her voice was perfect and on point. Definitely international standard. Kela Bedassie is a star.

6. Shazeena Ramumair

I respect her attempt to sing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, because that's a really tough song to sing. However she didn't do the song any justice. She's young and has lots of time to improve, but I don't think she is at the point of stardom right now. Nice girl, but she needs improvement.

7. Usher Iziah

For some reason Iziah reminds me of Usher Raymond. Am I the only one who thinks that? Anyway, his performance was really good. I didn't see anything negative about his performance. I saw the emotions, his voice was great and his choice of song was epic. Definitely a star.

8.  D' Gift

Okay, it was a great dance performance but I was too distracted by the sexy woman in tights while she was dancing to make a rational or unbiased judgement on their performance.

9. Niesha Guy

This woman had a perfect voice and a perfect performance. I loved her confidence on stage and the way she owned it. I loved it. Her voice was the best voice in the entire show, probably in the entire country all hands down. Definitely a star.

10.  Daniel King

I wasn't a big fan of him before and I wasn't a big fan of him again. He didn't have that wow factor. His voice and performance was nothing special, but that's just me.