TRINIDAD: 13 Year Old School Girl Dies After Getting Hit By A Truck In Couva.

All these people dying, my word. I am so thankful for life right now, but it still sucks that all these young people are going so soon. According to reports a 13 year old school girl from ASJA Girls’ College, Charlieville named Vasutee Bahadur was struck down by a big truck. She exited a maxi and began crossing the road at the corner of Greig Street and Balmain Main Road, to get to her home located on the opposite side of the road when the tragic incident happened. She died on the spot.

Vasutee Bahadur is not the first person in her family to be killed in a vehicular accident, her brother Adesh, 25, was also killed in a vehicular accident three years ago.

Vasutee's mother, Ameran Mohammed, heard of the news while at the casualty department of the Couva District Health Facility where she went to seek medical attention for hypertension.

The police and a few eyewitnesses came up with the assumption that the earphones Vasutee had on blocked her hearing, so she was unable to hear or see the truck as it was coming. This happened at 2:37 PM on Thursday.

Vasutee's mother weighed in on the situation heavily and was heavily grieved by the passing of her second child.

A short while before she died, she sent a cellphone text to her sister telling her she was coming home. But she never made it,” Ameran said as she started to cry.

She was a good and loving child. She was telling me how good she was doing in school and she was awarded certificates for doing well in her exams. She had a bright future ahead of her,” Ameran said.

Vasutee's sister Priya, 16, also weighed in speaking of her sister's dream of becoming a journalists.

She was a good person and would do anything for anybody. She never left mummy and daddy’s side. She was bright and loved school. Now is only me alone home,” Preya cried.

Source: Newsday