SAD: 14 Year Old Girl Hangs Herself After Breaking Up With Her Boyfirend

The rise in teen suicide is really pissing me off so much now that i'm now feeling to kill myself, 'Yeah right, life too sweet for that!!' According to reports, a bubbly 14 year old girl by the name of Alara Lawson decided to kill herself after going into severe depression because of her recent break up with her boyfriend who is named only as Master X.

She was found dead at her parents' five bedroom home in Newbury Berkshire when her parents and brother returned. Along with the dead body their found a series of heartbreaking notes, including one to her ex-boyfriend which read: 'I have decided to end my life. I’ve suffered from depression for about three years. I guess keeping everything bottled up for three years just kills. I have to end this pain.'

Alara, who was a very talented writer and artist broke up with her boyfriend known as Master X late last year, but didn't show any signs of being depressed or unhappy. In fact, according to her father, she was very anxious about her future and talked much about what University she wanted to attend. So it was actually very surprising when the family found Alara's body hanging in the garage of their £750,000 home.

Dr Lawson, 62, told the inquest in Newbury that his wife and daughter had a relationship 'like best friends' and said he had 'no idea' his daughter may have been unhappy. 'It’s a complete mystery and has devastated our family,' he said.

Alara Lawson

His 47-year-old wife did not attend the recent inquest but said in a statement she and her daughter would go shopping and power walking together as well as sharing make-up tips.

'Alara never showed any signs of depression and was always a happy, bubbly girl. Alara gave no indication she was about to do this. We have always been an open family and talked about things and Alara has been a happy, independent child.' Quote by Alara's mother

The Year Nine pupil and her family moved back to England from Cyprus in April 2011. Alara’s friend, Saffi Donertas said Alara had been a "shadow of herself' in the months before she died and had confided in her about feeling unhappy."

Police discovered photographs and pictures on the Year Nine pupil’s iPod of 'emo images' depicting despair with characters crying blood and images of fallen angels.

They also found a series of essays with headings including ‘Trust, ‘Dark secrets’, ‘Time to die’, ‘Your fault’ and ‘I just want you back’.

Recording an open verdict Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford said: 'What is overwhelmingly clear from the evidence is that those who knew Alara best - her family and friends and school teachers - had no expectation, no inkling, even with the benefit of hindsight, no understanding what happened to end her life at such a young age.'

Following Alara’s death on June 20 this year, her school headteacher Christina Haddrell paid tribute to her as a “lovely, talented young person”.

Alara died on June 20th but the inquest was only recorded today.