ENTERTAINMENT; Who Is The Highest Paid Musician Of 2012?

The good old Forbes list, that list that just makes rich people look richer and the poor people look poorer. Anyway, goold ole Forbes released the list of the top earning musicians of 2012 and guess what, it isn't Justin Bieber, nor Rihanna, nor One Direction not even Drake. In a matter of fact Justin Bieber just scraped the list and the rest weren't even there.

According to the Forbes, the highest earning musician of 2012 is non other than the inactive, rarely talked about Dr. Dre... Yup, Dr. Dre. You know that guy who signed Eminem and also that guy who hasn't really been active in 2012. Well, for your information, he didn't make much money from album sales this year "BOOOHOO" but his headphone brand, Beats by Dre was a big hit. It was such a hit that it put him on top of the Forbes' highest earning musician of 2012 with $110 million USD.

Below is the top ten list of the top earning musicians between May 2011 and May 2012

1. Dr. Dre, $110 million: Dre is the only member of the top five from the United States.

2. Roger Waters, $88 million: As a founding member of Pink Floyd, he still makes money by doing a live tour playing The Wall straight through. 

3. Elton John, $80 million: His money comes from touring, and his animated movie Gnomeo and Juliet helped, too.

4. U2, $78 million: Their 360 tour made a record-breaking $736 million over three years.
Take That, $69 million: Their reunion tour did quite well for them.

5. Bon Jovi, $60 million: He managed to earn more than Kim Kardashian, LilWayne, and Kate Moss combined.

5. Britney Spears, $58 million: In addition to her latest album, earnings from endorsement deals and a fragrance line helped.

6. Paul McCartney, $57 million: He played 36 shows, and still gets Beatles royalty checks to boot.

7. Taylor Swift, $57 million: She managed to tie Sir Paul by touring, recording a new album, and working with CoverGirl.

8. Justin Bieber, $55 million: Yes, he just squeaks in to the top 10, and ties with country star Toby Keith, who earned the same amount.