ENTERTAINMENT: What Happened In The Final Episode Of iCarly Called iGoodbye? Review And Recap.

So I just spent some time watching the final episode of the highly acclaimed Nickelodeon show iCarly and well i'm going to do a quick review and recap for those he missed it.


Without any bias, I must say that the final episode of iCarly was a bit lukewarm. It was a great episode with a lot of emotions in it, but it's kind of hard to fight the fact that it was the last episode of iCarly. No more Carly, Fredward, Sam, Gibby nor Spencer. Even though there is a slight chance of a spin off series called Sam and Cat which features Sam and Cat in one movie, it's still painstaking. No more random dancing or baby Spencer, nor any of those foolish iCarly get-ups.


Alright, stop crying people let's do a quick recap. The episode started with Freddie showing off his new "Samsun" that was the size of a tablet. He was the centre of a lot of laughs but was still confident in his new phone that his mother bought for him..... Anyway, that's not really important.

The important part involves the air force's yearly father- daughter dance. It was the last one and Carly really wanted her Father to go with her, but she was horribly let down by a "no." She went into a serious mode of depression so Spencer in the goodness of his heart decided to miss his date with his ex girlfriend to take his sister to the dance. However in his attempt to get a part for a motorbike he was building he managed to catch a cold from Lewbert. So Spencer became way too sick to take Carly to the dance. While she was mourning over the fact that her dad couldn't make it to the dance, she tried to reside in T-Bo but he just couldn't stop talking...lolz.. That was a funny scene.

Carly then went into more depression but lo and behold, Carly's father Colonel Shay arrived to save the day. Carly was super thrilled that her dad showed up and they both went to the dance. However Colonel Shay had to leave after the dance but he offered Carly the option to go with him to Italy where he was working. After deep thought and a final goodbye episode of the web show iCarly, she decided to go with him to Italy.

Carly left. She left Seattle and went to start to a new adventure in Florence Italy. You can look out for the spin off of iCarly called Sam and Kat. That just might be a thing in the near future.