ENTERTAINMENT: Kanye West And Rihanna Team Up To Remix Diamonds.

The world is going to end!!! Take your children, take your cattle, take your grains and store it in a safe place. Rihanna and Kanye West has have teamed up on a song called Diamonds. This will spark so much Illuminati controversy that you won't be able to finish hear about it in this generation.

Kanye had quite a long string of words in verse and he made some dope lines such as "My style like sex in the shower, fresh as f--k." and he even minced some words about the Illuminati, so the media is going to be buzzing. The duo have hooked up before in a couple of songs and have toured together so the chemistry is already strong between the two.

Rihanna is in the middle of her 777 Tour, a seven-show, seven-night blitz through seven countries. If you want to hear the song with Kanye's long verse in the beginning feel free to click play on the thingumabob below.