BOX OFFICE: How Much Money Did Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Make/Gross On It's Opening Day? A Wonderful $71.2 Million

The final part of the Twilight Breaking Dawn films hit theaters this weekend and so far so good..... I suppose. A powerhouse film like Breaking Dawn was expected to break records but sadly, no records have been broken yet. The film grossed an epic $71.2 million on its opening day and grossed $30.4 million in it's midnight screenings plus Thursday night. That's just a little above the previous highest midnight earnings set by Breaking Dawn Part 1‘s $30.25M, Eclipse‘s $30M, and New Moon‘s $26.27M.

The weekend is still young and we expect quite large turnout to the theaters to see Breaking Dawn part 2 on Saturday and Sunday. The film is setting out to beat the domestic franchise record of $138.1M set by Breaking Dawn Part 1. The film already has a worldwide gross of $174 million and is expected to surpass $270 million through Sunday. It'll be quite a close one and an intense race, but will this Breaking Dawn, break records? We'll just have to wait and see.