TRINIDAD: Digicel Stars 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Review And Recap

So I just sat down and watched the new season of Digicel Rising Falling Shooting Stars and I must admit that it was actually entertaining. The beautiful and sexy Serala Ramlogan hosted the show, "Bussing ah bunch ah lame stale jokes, but because she's hot, I digress!!"

1. Now let's do a little review of the night's happenings, and let's start with the first performer Iziah Kanhai.
Iziah Kanhai

I listened to Iziah sing, and well he was pretty good, he had quite a lot of swag on stage, and a little bit of that Usher Raymond thing going on. However I don't think that on a massive scale he could perform. His performance didn't really connect with me, and I won't pay $200+ to see him perform, "I'm just saying!!"

You could vote for Iziah by texting or calling 7801.

2. Let's now talk about Candise Charles

Candise Charles

Definitely a beautiful young lady. Her voice was.................. Alright, not quite that needle in the haystack, but she sounds good. Again, the stage presence lacks. I will actually give her an F in stage presence and performance. I won't go to her concert, but i'll probably buy her mixtape or album. I don't go to a concert to hear someone sing, I go to a concert to see someone perform. If I wanted to hear someone sing, I'd buy a Rihanna album at the side of the streets of Port of Spain,"But that's just me." I don't see her moving forward, but maybe she has lots of friends that will vote for her.

You can vote for Candise Charles by texting or calling 7802.

3. Let's now talk about Leston De Roche.
Leston De Roche

Swag was definitely evident in that kid, and he wore his black eye like he owned it, with a kind of Kenshi battle scar kind of swag. He went out on stage and danced his heart out to Heart Attack by Trey Songz. His choice of song, to me, wasn't the best. I think if you are going to dance in front of a group of Trini people, don't dance to a depressing song, that's Alcatraz kind of shit crap thing. But he is a great dancer and I think he's got what it takes. I hope his black eye gets better before next week.

You can vote for Leston De Roche by texting or calling 7803

4. After some more stale jokes by Serala Ramlogan, Shazeena Ramsumair took the stage.

Shazeena Ramsumair 

She had a lot of swag, attitude and stage presence. Her performance was good, and really intrigued me, but her voice wasn't All da hot up!!! great. To me she looked like she was doing some Karaoke at Jay Malone's  Karaoke night and not really taking her singing very seriously.

You can vote for Shazeena Ramsumair by texting or calling 7804.

5. The next performer to grace the stage was Kela Bedassie.

Kela Bedassie.

Kela's performance was simply amazing, world class. I think she set the standard for all the youths in the show to beat. You could have heard the 30 years of singing experience in her angelic voice. She had a kind of Adele swag, the ability to stand still and move a crowd. If none of the other contestants improve their game, i'm seeing Kela taking that $500,000TT.

You can vote for Kela Bedassie by texting or calling 7805.

6. The next performer was Nickesha McDowell.

Nickesha McDowell

Nickesha was very confident in her performance, but her voice just wasn't my cup of tea. I think the low tone in her voice wasn't well developed so she just sounded like she was grumbling all the way through. The song she sang, California King Bed by Rihanna, needed that high tone which she didn't provide. Nickesha didn't really impress me at all, hopefully she has a lot of friends who's going to vote for her.

You can vote for Nickesha by texting or calling 7806

7. The next performer was Denton Peschier.

Denton Peschier

Denton Peschier's performance was amazing. Some people may know Denton as Gita Dan, the well known Gospel artiste. He already has tons of experience in the performing world, so I think he will be a worthy winner. He had the crowd going and I'm sure a lot of people are going to vote for him.

You can vote for Denton Peschier by texting or calling 7807

8. The last performance was dancing by Extreme Breakers

The Extreme Breakers were definitely extreme. I tried to find something negative to say about them amidst their awesomeness and well.......... I did. Their performance lacked motivation and passion. It looked a little too routine, and not like if they were into or feeling the dance. But I loved their choices of songs. Great performance.

You can vote for Extreme Breakers by texting or calling 7808.

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