Guest Post:Top 10 Foreign Car-Rental Fees to Watch for on Vacation

In an attempt to enjoy your holiday season abroad, you try to make all the arrangements beforehand. Reservations for airplane, accommodations, and transportation are a few entries on your priority list. For group bookings try Eclipse Leisure who will organise the whole stag weekend.

While trying to make the best arrangements, you may fall straight in the trap of car rental companies. They usually allure customers with their advertisements in which the rates are apparently economical. However, when you directly talk to the company representative, you are likely to find a great deal of hidden charges.

The following list contains 10 hidden fees that you should watch out for before confirming any contract with a car rental company.

1. Dent Claims: According to the findings of consumer surveys, a great deal of money is charged for causing any kind of damage to the rental car.  It is always intelligent to take pictures of any scratches or dents before accepting the car on rent. You should also make its condition clear when you take it back to the company.

2. Geographical Boundaries: Some car rental companies impose geographical limits and charge extra amount if you want to take the car outside a certain area. You should search for a company that imposes no geographical restraints.

3. Taxes: Most rental companies deceitfully pass along the charges of the required vehicle documents such as permits, certificates, and licenses as a fee. They even acquire the charges which are often forced by the local authorities for highway development or renovation purposes. You should watch out for any hidden fee that comprises of local or airport taxes.

4. Late Return Fee: 
A number of car rental companies charge for the services of a complete day in case you return the car a little late. You should try your best to return it before the time that is mentioned in your contract as the delay of a mere half-an-hour can cost you a lot.

5. Go for Inexpensive Cars: Gone are the days when rental car companies used to offer free upgrades. When you are given an option to choose a car, you should opt for a smaller car. You will always find driving and parking a smaller car much easier to handle. You will also find them economical as they cost less to rent as well as consume much less fuel.

6. Extra Driver Charges: Some rental companies associate extra charges with using more than one driver. They can make you pay extra charges per day for having an additional driver on the contract. You should always verify the situation before renting a car. Some companies give up the charges for an extra driver in case of spouses as well as offer some concession schemes.

7. Filled Tank: You should not sign your contract claiming to fill the tank yourself before returning the rental car. In case you fail to fill the tank, the car company will charge you with an inflated cost of the gas. For group bookings try Eclipse Leisure who will organise the whole stag weekend.

8. Fuel Cost: When you rent a car, you should closely check the offered price of gas. Some car companies may allure you by charging much less for gas than the current prices. The hidden aspect in this case that they might not clarify is that you need to buy the gas of entire tank’s worth. Consequently, you are likely to end up paying an extra amount of money if you do not accurately know how many miles you have to drive.

9. Insurance Costs: Insurance comprises are one of the biggest fee-charging elements that the rental companies utilize to increase your bill. You should remember that these insurances are generally discretionary and the company cannot decline you in case you reject their proposal.

10. Tires Cost: You need to have special winter tires if you intend to drive somewhere with frozen roads. You should pay severe attention to the contract to check if the company is exclusively charging you for tires.

In order to arrange a great deal for renting a car, you should watch out for several types of hidden charges that are not mentioned by the companies in advance. Make sure to clear your uncertainties directly with the company representative beforehand.


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