ENTERTAINMENT: Flavor Flav Arrested For Assaulting His Alleged Son With A Knife.

You do the crime, you do the time, and who knows time better than Flavor Flav? He always has a big stupid stylish clock on his neck, so go figure. The "Flavor of Love star" got into quite a heated argument discussion debate this morning with his fiancee and alleged teenage son. We don't know what the argument was about, but what we do know is that Flavor Flav got violent with them both. So violent that police had to intervene in the brawl debate.

According to police, Flavor Flav, real name William Drayton Jr-- is accused of getting physical with his fiancee and then threatening her son with a knife. During the altercation, the fiancee called 911.

Flav was arrested around 3am and booked on two charges -- felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence (battery).

He's currently being held on $23,000 bail.

"Hard lucks Flavor Flav!!! I don't think is good looks is going to get him anywhere in jail *Sarcastic smile*" Quote by Trinikid.