BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Cloud Atlas Make/Gross In It's Opening Weekend Box Office? Flops Big Time

Well, all the promotions for Cloud Atlas went down the drain, even though the film was expected to make a ton of money, it was only able to scrape up $9.4 million in its opening weekend. And as any box office enthusiast will know, $9.4 million during opening weekend is dead poor, especially for a film that cost $100 million.

However, the film still managed to reach at Number 3 in the box office but it still didn't help the fact that it was a failed film. Many suspected that the pending hurricane, Hurricane Sandy, may have affected ticket sales, but the other films such as Argo, Paranormal Activity and Silent Hill managed to gross some relatively hefty amounts this weekend. So there is no doubt that people went to the cinema, but it wasn't to watch Cloud Atlas.

Let's hope that next week fairs better for the Tom Hanks and Halle Berry's $100 million film.