BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Cloud Atlas Make/Gross On It's Opening Day?

It's the weekend, and that means only one thing.... CINEMA TIME!!! WOHOOOO!!! According to box office reports, the movie to see this weekend is Cloud Atlas which made a handsome fold of $3.4 million on it's opening day. Compared to other films, it made a really hefty sum so far, but it still couldn't take the first place position on Friday.

Now, some may have expected the Tom Hanks and Halle Berry film to make a little bit more on its opening day because of the very high level of press and promotions associated with its pre-release, however it only managed to make it third in the box office... SO FAR. The weekend isn't over yet, so maybe the film would explode this weekend carrying it to number 1. It was showed in 2,008 theaters, including 105 IMAX screens. So far, Argo and Silent Hill are on top, so we'll just have to wait and see how the weekend plays off.