TECH: iPhone 5 Breaks Records With Highest Demand For An iPhone. Preorders Surpass 2 million.

Apple's new iPhone has been so highly demanded that Apple had to delay the official release of the product into October. According to Apple, the preorders for the iPhone 5 has surpassed 2 million beating the demand for the iPhone 4S by more than 1 million "WOW!!" The iPhone 4S had 1 million preorders while the iPhone 4 had 600,000.

Analysts expected sales figures for the first 24 hours of the preorder window, which began at midnight PT on Friday, to be somewhere between 1.3 million-1.5 million. However the iPhone 5 outweighed their expectations.

"Many people thought that the iPhone wouldn't have made much money, but it's doing better than it ever did. That's Good old Apple for yah." Quote by Trinikid.