BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Dredd 3D Gross In It's Opening Weekend? A Disappointing $6.3 Million.

So there was another film that I expected to do well this weekend but failed, Dredd 3D. The Lionsgate’s British/South African co-production low-budget reboot of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s cult favorite comics Dredd 3D. The film performed horribly with a domestic gross of $6.3 Million.

Most would think that a remake of Judge Dredd would have done really well, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. The film played in 2506 locations and placed in 6th position in the box office this weekend, below Resident Evil: Retribution.

I hope at the end of it all, the film makes a profit. Let's hope for more ticket sales next week.

"The female lead in this film is friggin hawt!!! I just had to say that..lolz." Quote by Trinikid


  1. They can't cut the tie from the Stallone movie; people who don't follow comics have no idea what this is. Heck, people who do follow comics don't realize this is based on a comic. Dredd has very little media impact in the US. It will take time for word of mouth to spread saying this was a great movie.

  2. Totally agree with above from what i read in the US it needed a bigger media push. While in the UK it was the bigest grossing R-rated/18 movie since 2010(one of the saw films) on its opening week it took number one, then started to slip. Sad... so go watch it, it is great!


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