TV SHOWS: Shake It Up Made In Japan Review And Recap.

I stopped writing reviews and recaps for Disney and Nickelodeon shows for a while now, but you know what, what the heck, why not start back. I always enjoy Nickelodeon and Disney shows. It's relaxing. I sat down and watched the new Shake it up movie, "Made In Japan," and I must say it was.... emotion filled. It was like a roller coaster of emotions all in one movie. Some parts had you laughing your head off, other parts had you sad, and other parts had you on the edge of your seat. I give the movie a cool 7 out of 10. It had a bit of shaky acting here and there. It also ended really abruptly, not really finishing the story, but what's our imagination for right? All in all it was a real great movie.

Time for a short recap:

Okay, so it started off with a huge Japanese multimedia company seeking ways to target the young market. So one bright eyed young assistant came up with an idea to create a dance game featuring the dancers of Shake it up.

So it had a huge casting that had a bunch of the shake it up groups compete to be in the game, and guess who won? Well it wasn't really hard to guess. Shake it up Chicago won and got the opportunity to fly to Japan to be featured in the video game. So all was going well for the shake it up Chicago dance group. They stayed in a nice place, nice food, nice clothes. Rocky and CeCe even got their own talent deal. All was well.

Until Rocky decided to give the owner of.... "Okay you are going to have to wait till tomorrow to get the Japanese names. I'm not very good at spelling Japanese names." Anyway Rocky began to get a bit stubborn and defensive after the, "owner of the game company" paid no attention to the app developed by his grandchildren. The owner of the game company then cut all thighs with Shake it up Chicago after Rocky's outburst, leaving the crew stranded in Japan.

After that, things started to get ugly. Rocky and CeCe had a big fight that caused Rocky and CeCe to split up, "It was a very emotional moment."
Gunther and Tinka also got themselves into some trouble after Tinka punched a police officer. She was about to get deported back to Russia but after a series of make up events, everyone was safe. Rocky and CeCe became friends again and Gunther and Tinka were no longer in trouble.

Rocky and CeCe then sneaked into a show and performed causing the mother of, "the owner of the game company" to smile. So he accepted them back and re-established all the thighs he had with shake it up Chicago. However an app that was created by the grandchildren of the owner of the game company blew up into a virus, and almost caused every single computer in the world to be infected. Fortunately Henry had a solution that fixed the entire problem. But Rocky and CeCe's names were so associated with the virus that they were the most hated people in Japan, until they performed. And that was it. Like really, that was it. It just ended after the performance. It ended really abruptly, but it wasn't really a problem, yet it was...hmmmmm.