TRINIDAD: Roderick "Mr. Chucky" Gordon Wins $.5 MillionTT After Winning The Independence Day Calypso Monarch.

Roderick "Mr. Chucky" Gordon is Trinidad and Tobago's Independence Calypso Monarch winner of 2012. The show was held at the Queen's Park Savannah on Saturday and consisted of a host of Calypsonians such as Duane O'Connor, Sugar Aloes, Singing Sandra among others. However they weren't enough for Chucky as he took the crowd, the judges and the $.5 million TT with his epic performance on the night.

Chucky's winning track was Bear with me, and his performance went perfectly along with it. What a perfect time to win something. During this golden year of Trinidad and Tobago. I congratulate Chucky on his victory at the Independence Calypso Monarch 2012.

Below is the official results:

1. Roderick Gordon

2. Michelle Henry

3. Karen Eccles-Thomas

4. Heather McIntosh

5. Kizzy Ruiz

6. Karene Ashe

7. Michael ‘Sugar Aloes’ Osuna

8. Singing Sandra

9. Duane O’Connor

10. Morel Peters – King Luta