TECHNOLOGY: Apple's Valuation Reached $621.64 Billion Monday, Making It The Earth's Most Valuable Company.

Apple reached a valuation of $621.64 billion Monday morning, making it the most valuable company on the face of the Earth. The company experienced exceedingly high sales projections for the Iphone 5 which hasn't even been announced yet. The stocks have gone up to $664.65 per share, which is a personal best for Apple.

The previous company that had the title as most valuable was Microsoft in 1999, however in 2011 Apple took the crown after reaching $346.74 billion valuation in mid-2011.

"It was only a matter of time before Apple became the most valuable company of all time. The world spins on apple products, and everyone who can call themselves rich have shares in the mega company. Microsoft has nothing on Apple anymore." Quote by Trinikid