SPORTS: Usain Bolt To Play Professional Cricket For An International Australian Cricket Team. True Talk.

Hey, do you guys know who is Usain Bolt? Of course yo do. You know, that guy who made world history after setting the fastest time in 100M and 200M sprints. Well guess what, Usain Bolt has joined a cricket team. Well considering it. Yes you heard it right, a cricket team.

Shane Warne the Australian spinner, offered the Olympian the opportunity to play Twenty20 cricket in Australia next season with The Melbourne Stars. They will be competing in the big bash league which consists of eight teams battling out in Twenty20 cricket. International and local cricketers will be in the league accompanying the sprinter/cricketer.

Shane Warne is very excited about the prospect of having Usain Bolt on the team. He even started a campaign to acquire support for the Jamaican. The games will commence in December so stay tuned. I think it will be very interesting.

"Well Usain Bolt does have some history in cricket as he competed in junior cricket matches in Jamaica. So he is qualified to play, but this will be so interesting. Wouldn't it be funny if he Usain makes half of a century and The Melbourne Stars go on to win...HAHAHHAHAHAHAH.... I'm going to make sure and follow want happens. Usain Bolt is still considering the offer, but we all know he'll say yes......HOPEFULLY :/" Quote by Trinikid