SPORTS: Richard Thompson, Rondel Sorrillo, And Keston Bledman Owns In The Men's 100m At The London 2012 Olympics.

I ensured to wake myself as early as 7am in order to see Richard Thompson and Usain Bolt run in the men's 100m. Even though I'm not Jamaican, I'm still backing the Jamaicans as well, because it's just a Caribbean thing. But I still want Trinidad to beat them

Anyway, the heats of round 1 started off with Richard Thompson placing second with 10.14 seconds. He ran really well, but Tyson Gay's 10.08 seconds was a little too much for the Trinidadian to handle. He still managed to get himself to the final rounds and I know he has his eyes on the gold.

Rondel Sorrillo ran in the second heat with an acceptable 3rd place with 10.23 seconds. Another American won the heat with an epic 9.97. FYI: Every American that ran, won their heat.

Keston Bledman then did his thing in the 7th heat coming 3rd with 10.13 seconds. Keston Bledman made the fastest time by a Trinidadian in the first round, so he seems very promising but I still think that Richard Thompson will dominate among the Trinidadians. So let's just see what happens in the final rounds.

"I really think that the Americans are going to take gold in the 100m race. I'm not being pessimistic, I just think that the Americans came out really hard this time around. However if Usain Bolt can run better than he did in the first round, he could probably pull the gold out of Ryan Bailey or Tyson Gay's hand. It didn't look like Usain Bolt had put much effort in his race, but 10.09 is poor for someone like Usain Bolt. So we are just going to have to wait and see what happens." Quote by Trinikid.