SPORTS: Lalonde Grodon Wins Bronze In The Men's 400M At The London 2012 Olympics.

So we sent over 26 athletes to the summer Olympics, and out of all them only one took home some sort of silver wear. That athlete goes by the name of Lalonde Gordon who represented Trinidad really well in the London 2012 Olympics, placing third in the 400M sprint run, winning a bronze medal.

Now i'm not going to be bashful because frankly the athletes that represented T&T at the Olympics have done more for the country than I have, and deserve a lot of respect. I don't blame the athletes one bit, but I blame myself and the rest of the country. We have not shown much support to our athletes at all and we don't even spend much money on developing the athletes. We leave the athletes in the dark during the non Olympic times and when Olympics is up, we start supporting our athletes expecting us to bring home silver wear...BULLLLCRAP!!

Men like Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake are trained in state of the art facilities with high tech gadgets, and all that Trinidad uses is a track and a gym.