SPORTS: Kershon Walcott Wins First Gold For Trinidad At The London 2012 Olympics.

I don't believe that I was alive when Hasely Crawford won gold for Trinidad, but I'm damn sure that i'm alive for this one. The 19 year old Trinidadian Kershon Walcott takes home a gold for Trinidad in the men's javelin throw with an epic toss of 84.58.

During the throws I sat on my couch glued to the television as I saw each person throw. Each throw that I witnessed was a friggin heart attack, especially when half the people throwing were buffer, older and stronger than Kershon. However they couldn't beat his will power and determination. When Kershon lifted his hand to throw that javelin, the whole of Trinidad was holding it with him. That javelin was infused with not only the physical power of the olympian, but national pride. When the last man threw his javelin and landed before Kershon's mark, I literally heard loud screams erupt throughout my neighbourhood at that exact point. It was an epic moment for Trinidad and Tobago and one to remember. A new hero is born.

Kershon Walcott.

His throw didn't only win him gold, but marked a milestone for the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago. Kershon made. Congratulations to him on his effort, and I hope the government treats our boy nice.