SPORTS: George Bovell III Comes Seventh In Men's 50m Freestyle Swim At The London 2012 Olympics.

I am a Trinbagonian and I am backing the Trinbago Olympic team hard. I haven't been covering the previous achievements of the Trinbago team, because I simply wasn't really following the Olympics all that much #To be honest but I just mysteriously got extremely hyped about it. So i'm going to cover all the achievements and upsets of the Trinbago Olympic squad now. So you can keep in touch.

The first event that I sat and watched in the Olympics is the Swimming. I watched the women do their thing first in the 800m. Ledecky from USA made the 800m swim look like a walk in the park. I also watched the men's 50m freestyle, and I rooted for Trinidadian George Bovell III all the way. He did a great job, finishing the 50m at 21.82 seconds, but he just couldn't compete with Florent, Cullen and Cesar who finished the race only a few milliseconds before George Bovell III and the others above him. Eventhough he didn't win, he's still an epic swimmer, and a hero.

Remember, there are tons of countries and only 8 made it to the finals of the men's 50m freestyle, and one of those countries was the tiny twin island of T&T. Feel proud, because George Bovell is now the 7th fastest 50m swimmer. So feel real proud.

We Going For GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!