BREAKING NEWS: Trinidad Floods Out!!!

So apparently Trinidad is flooded out. I haven't really been affected by the floods, but after watching some of the pictures, I must admit that it's pretty bad. Homes are being flooded out, Cars are being drenched, roads are being destroyed and people are even dieing "YIKES!!" by the long periods of rain.

And the weird thing is, is that it is simply just rain. I am aware that extensive periods of rain can cause flooding, but it's just rain. We haven't really gotten the blunt end of the tropical depression, yet we are in chaos. So my point is, what if Trinidad is hit by a tropical storm or worse yet, a hurricane. What will happen? Will we I'm joking about the dieing part, but think about it. We aren't ready for a hurricane. I fear the day that Trinidad gets hit by a full blown hurricane. We may lose much more than Grenada did. If the floods don't wipe us out, the winds sure will.

I think the government should take these floods as a warning from the heavens. We need to get prepared. The ODPM has been telling us this for years yet I think all that they are good for is talk. ODPM warns us to get ready, yet they don't do anything to help the cause. Why not instead of talking, pick up some contract workers and clean up some drains and fix the drainage problems. Build some more hurricane shelters, or atleast designate a few stores to sell precautionary equipment. Because frankly, this is madness. A few days of rain shouldn't have us in such a situation. Most of the water should be sent back to the sea.

Below are some pics of the damages done by the floods. Be warned, it is NOT NICE!!!!!!


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