BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Bourne Legacy Make/Gross In It's Opening Box Office Weekend? A Normal $40.2 Million.

It's Sunday night, and that usually means one thing. It means it is time to recap the US box office *APPLAUDS*. Things didn't look too good for Universal this weekend as their film Bourne Legacy performed quite poorly. Or to be more specific, the film didn't perform as well as it should have. The gross of $40.2 million is a cause for concern because it under performed when compared to the previous Bourne movies.

And because the reboot caused $125+million, it doesn't seem that much, if any profits are to be made out of the film. However the studio did make an estimate earlier that the film would have made $35 million, so I guess they got $5.2 million more than they expected. Another positive that came out of the weekend for the film is that it kicked The Dark Knight Rises out of first place, after three weeks of dominance.

So all in all, Bourne Legacy had a normal weekend. Not too much, but it was alright. Bourne Legacy's performance gets a B-.