Spoiler Alert: David Letterman Gives Away the Ending Of Dark Knight Rises. Batman Dies In The End

Who actually knew that the the movie Dark Knight rises actually meant that the Dark Knight rises, as in his soul and stuff. It was suppose to be a secret, but David Letterman couldn't keep it a secret after he exposed that Batman died in the end of the final Dark Knight film.

Now, it seemed as though it was a serious matter and Anne Hathaway AKA Catwoman ensured to state that she was no part of the spill. She was on the show during the spill and she told Dave, "The wrath you have just invited onto yourself!"

"I saw this movie, the Batman movie ... and in the end, Batman is dead," said Letterman. Hathaway seemed surprised, saying, "Daaaave...!"

So Dave just spoilt the ending of the show for millions of fans and I won't be surprised if he gets a huge lawsuit for giving away the ending of a multi million dollar film. Many people are outraged at what he did and he may have ruined one of the best films of all time, "Way to go Dave!!! You killed Batman for all of us."

"I would have really preferred to see Batman die on the day of the release so that I would have been in shock, but now that I know, i'm pissed. I think no one should give Dave Letterman their films again until after it has been released. I'm just saying." Quote by Trinikid