BREAKING NEWS: The Aurora Shooting Suspect, James Holmes Charged With 142 Counts

12 people lost their lives on the day of the domestic premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. The suspect, James Holmes was taken to caught and charged with 142 counts which includes 24 counts of murder in the first degree, 116 counts of attempt to commit murder in the first degree and one count of possession of an explosive device.

According to reports, James Holmes had his head down, smacking his jar for most of the processions in the Arapahoe County courtroom. It was also reported that during his first appearance before the judge, he had his hair red. So from the reports we can safely assume that he is mentally unstable.

"I don't think that a jail sentence is enough for this guy. He killed 12 people and what does he get? A comfortable jail cell, where food and water is provided. While the victims' families are mourning. Madness!!! Madness I tell you!!!" Quote by Trinikid