BOX OFFICE: How Much Did The Watch Make/Gross In It's Opening Weekend? A Weak $13 Million.

The Watch came out this weekend, and it really didn't say much this weekend with a weak opening of $13 million. So according to that, The Watch was a big fail in the box office. America doesn't love Ben Stiller any more

According to the studio, The Watch costed $68 million, so it seems as though the film will make an epic loss in the long run. The film was accused and bashed for some of its scenes and its earlier name, "Neighbourhood Watch." It was speculated that the film was somewhat depicting the activities that occurred during the Trayvon Martin incident, but I think that that's a bunch of Phooey if you ask me. I think that releasing a film during the time of films like Avengers and Dark Knight is retarded, because obviously when people go to the cinema they are not going to spend their money on films like The Watch. They will prefer to watch Dark Knight. So it wasn't a wise move.