BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Ted Make/Gross In It's Opening Weekend Box Office? A Cool $54.1 Million.

Seth MacFarlene debuted his first ever big screen film with figures as high as $54.1 million for the Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunnis film, Ted. It was a Rated R movie, so many thought that it may have gotten some problems topping the box office, however Magic Mike was also rated R, so it was a battle of the rated R films. Madea's Witness protection program didn't top the box office but still had a good opening in spite of the film hitting #4 in the box office..

"I think that the only reason Ted topped the box office was because it didn't really have much competition for the opening weekend. If you had dropped a Spiderman in there, Ted would have been nowhere near the top.....duhhhhh..lolz."

1.Ted, $54.1 million

2.Magic Mike, $39.2 million

3.Brave, $34 million

4.Madea's Witness Protection, $26.4 million

5.Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, $11.8 million

6.Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, $6 million

7.Prometheus, $4.9 million

8.Moonrise Kingdom, $4.87 million

9.Snow White and the Huntsman, $4.4 million

10.People Like Us, $4.3 million


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