BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Madea's Witness Protection Make/Gross In It's Opening Box Office Weekend? A Normal $26.4 Million.

Tyler Perry has brought out another Madea movie, and well, it did good enough. Madea's Witness Protection grossed $10.2 million on ints opening day and $26.4 million in it's opening weekend.

I did not go to the theatres this weekend to see the film, but I can trust that Tyler Perry made it a good one. I can safely say that all of his movies are good, and always send a good message across. $26.4 Million is not that bad but I think Tyler was expecting a bit more out of his all star film. Oh well.

Ted, $54.1 million

Magic Mike, $39.2 million

Brave, $34 million

Madea's Witness Protection, $26.4 million

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, $11.8 million

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, $6 million

Prometheus, $4.9 million

Moonrise Kingdom, $4.87 million

Snow White and the Huntsman, $4.4 million

People Like Us, $4.3 million


  1. how soon will witness protection be available on dvd


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